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"Energy Jars" or "Seed Jars" is a term coined by Dr. Suhu to describe  the practice of assembling harmonizing jars that concentrates the natural life-force found in the natural world, whether selecting from a global variety of seeds, beans, olives, chili peppers, seashells, lava, coal, crystals, the list is truly endless. Every content is specifically selected for its resonance and carefully arranged in multi-sized mason jars - size being dependent on the desired frequency range, ie: Soprano, Tenor, Baritone, Bass. The contents are chosen for their unique frequency signature specific to the intent of the treatment. When the assembled jars are used as treatment for a patient, their placement around or on the subject harmonizes the bio-rhythmic signature of the patient and helps mitigate the harmful effects of industrial and electromagnetic pollution, dangers that pose a direct or indirect risk to all corners of life.

As with acupuncture, the insertion of needles to specific points in the patient’s body help stimulate and release energy flow in the body, Dr. Suhu applies this to a planetary treatment if we were to consider the Earth as a sentient, living organism. With an extensive background in acupuncture Dr. Suhu correlated ten specific points on the Earth as a method of treatment using the Earth's natural networks and pathways as a means of transportation. In the shadow of modern science and research, Gaia theory, growing in acceptance, will be explored in comparison to the indigenous and cultural beliefs of the ordinary and non-ordinary worlds,



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Ten sites have been selected specific to its geography and purpose. The documentary series will chronicle the journey while exploring the native ancestral shamanism particular to that region, drawing on the deep knowledge of various cultures alongside experts in the field of science, anthropology, physics and biology. Throughout the travels, each locale allows further investigation into the past, the ancient practices and beliefs so long ago forgotten by modern man. Does the past hold the key to the future of mankind and their awakening?

  • Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland

  • Outside of Memphis, NY

  • West of Cleveland, Ohio

  • North Coast of Honduras

  • Tip of Baja Peninsula

  • West of Sapporo, Japan

  • North of Sumatra

  • Sundabar region of Bengladesh

  • West of Tehran, Iran near Caspian Sea

  • Coast of Ghana


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